Monday, July 8, 2013

Things I Don't Miss About Daycare

I've almost been at Net3 for one year.

Things I don't miss about Daycare:
  •     Getting sick every week
    •    I really did catch everything that went around. I've had a lot fewer colds at this job. I sanitize my hands after I sign for packages... otherwise I don't have to touch anyone or anything that's not mine, really.
  •     Being in charge of multiple living things that I didn't bring into the world 
    • At least I could spank them if they were mine... and put them to bed when I knew they were tired instead of having to wait until set times that were just not workable. (Some kids had been up since 5:30am, but had to wait til 12:30 to nap... others had been up only since 9am.)
  •     Mistakes potentially being life and death instead of dollars and cents
    • It makes all other mistakes less devastating once you're used to lives being at stake.
  •     Dealing with diaper rash
    • Do these parents not change their kids in the morning? Because they know the daycare will? Seriously, you can't have a ten pound diaper without some serious time...
  •     Living for naptime
    • I couldn't wait... couldn't sleep, of course, but they just looked much sweeter asleep, so I could bear them awake again.
  •     Shouting "Stop!"
    • And "No biting!" and "Walk in a line, please!" and "Wait at the door, please!" and "No hitting! No kicking! No licking! No spitting!" ... you get the point.
  •     Asking a child why they did something... when I know they will just say, "I dunno."
    • I don't know why I ask... except out of frustration...
  •     Asking if a child needs to potty, getting on the playground, and hearing, "I wet."
    • They just wanted to go outside sooo bad. They don't get consequences very well yet. 

Things I might miss:
  • Hugs.
  • Cute things they say.
  • Singing with them about God.

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