Saturday, July 26, 2014

I like irony.

I like my life of ironies.

As many pastors and friends have said, "There are no coincidences, just God showing Himself at work in the world." I find irony points me back to the Lord.

I remember reading the definition in my 10th grade literature class. I think I knew what irony was long before that, but I liked that video teacher a lot, and her explanation set my imagination on fire.

It makes a really good story, too - and I like having stories to tell or write. I like making people laugh who really don't expect me to be funny. I like the connection I feel when someone busts out laughing. My best friend Alex always makes me laugh that way, and laughs with me that way.

I can think of lots of examples - I loved coonhounds, but got dachshunds. I got told by my own beloved parakeet to "Go sit on the chair" for time out constantly. I got all A's my first semester of college at 16/17.  I ended up dating a guy I didn't even speak to in high school when he filmed me for my journalism class. I got my first kiss in the rain.  I married my first kiss. I stood up for a kid who was labelled a biter when I pretty much couldn't stand him for other reasons, and now he's my favorite kid I've ever watched. I took a chance despite my anxiety and reconnected with my beloved nephew. Major life events happen while Erik was away at times - like when I scored my favorite job of all time at Net3 Technology. When he finally called, I told him he could get cable - not that I got a job - and made him make the connection and laugh. There are so many more times...

Thank you, Lord, for irony.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dogs, and habits, and what made me think of both in the same post.

I like dogs. I like cute puppies, my family's lazy old dog that lets my almost 2 year old nephew "play" with him (which looks more like constantly antagonizing him), and a lot of my friend's dogs. Sure, I'm initially afraid of large dogs that I don't know, but that started later in life and I can get over it if it's a nice dog.

But recently, I keep thinking of all of the reasons I don't want a dog, especially right now.

1. I feel clean after I take a shower - and I don't want a dog to drool all over me before I get a chance to go to bed. (Note: Germany never drooled on me unless he was ill, so I'm not saying all dogs have that problem, but I do like hound dogs, and they usually have that problem.)

2. I don't have to worry about who will let my dog out when I decide to stay out a few more hours to get something done.

3. I don't have to worry about what I put in the garbage can and if my dog will shred it across my whole house while I'm not looking.

4. I don't have to buy a fence or pay a pet fee.

5. I don't have to worry about what prize I pick because of knowing my dog will eat it.

Yeah, that last one - I can have nice things and don't have to worry about keeping them out of reach of my dog. Sure, it was a teenage girl who said it, but I was just thinking how confining and all consuming having a dog is! And it's not even a person - I'll do that and more for my baby someday - but I just don't have the kind of routine now that supports having a happy dog.

Maybe someday, but definitely not now.

It somehow made me think about other "pets" we keep. I know sometimes we don't realize just how confining or consuming our habits are. We think all our habits are cute, familiar, even noble. But if we are the masters we won't let our pets run our lives - we will take charge of our pets. It really makes a difference between a well behaved dog and a chaotic life... I'll let you take the interpretation where you want it. Just a thought.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Love Languages?

I never have believed in coincidences.

Yes, we all laughed that the one lady's baby went to the center when I asked who had the Love Language of receiving gifts...and no, that's not mine.

I'm with the majority for once, in that encouraging words are my favorite thing. And tonight, I got confirmation from my husband that I didn't even really know how badly I wanted or maybe even needed. I listened to him list out, for the first time I remember, everything that I've been involved in, and it was like even before he finished the sentence, his support was given with just the mention of these things.

I was determined when we moved to Kansas that I'd do my part to make this a good season of life. I love being at home, and there's lots to do here, but I quickly found I needed at least one or two outside involvement activities to feel connected - especially when Erik's gone.

I quickly found multiple ways to be involved. I wanted to find out what opportunities to get involved there are, and which ones I feel like God wants me to be involved in, so I showed up to everything at first.

Since I made a lot of these decisions about how I spend my time without much input from Erik, I started wondering what he thought, and I'd ask... but it's different than what happened tonight. He initiated the words that I needed to hear. I have to think that God did that in answer to my prayer for my upcoming Fall commitments... I feel so blessed and at peace about those things.

Psalm 91

Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High
    will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress,
    my God, in whom I trust.”