Sunday, September 29, 2013

Blogs are opinions

If people would just read the URL for some of the articles they post... they might have a clue that the reason some of these are "so unbelievable" is because they really are fakes. Do some research, validate your sources are real, and notice the citations (or lack thereof).

Sometimes people have good motives in posting / reposting. But if you are reposting, you should try to make sure it is the truth.

The amount of fake and even comedic blogs that are given the same credibility as verified sources are has increased drastically on Facebook. People need to develop their research skills.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

GGFG - Always on My Mind

Youth Groups:
Eau Gallie First Baptist
First Baptist Mauldin

Calvary Chapel / The Chapel Store
Mr. K's Bookstore
The Vineyard

Book Signing:
Buncombe Street United Methodist

There are several churches or groups that haven't set any dates but we're talking :)

Friday, September 27, 2013

Lists. Lots of Lists.

More on moving - so, I made a lot of lists. There are lists of things to change or cancel. There are lists of things to take care of in each room, what to keep in each room, and things we can't take with us. Yes, that opened container of cookie dough is just going to have to get eaten in the next few days ;D

Things that I'm keeping with me:

1. Cleaning supplies. Last out, first in.
2. Also first needs: roll of toilet paper, paper towels, and a couple of hotel handsoaps.
3. My journals and irreplaceable books, GGFG stuff
4. Laptop and gadgets
5. Important papers
6. JAKE! and her seed and water and all
7. My spices
8. Some simple tools
9. Clothes for Fall and Winter (layers)
10. Peanut butter from Publix

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Moving Stuff, it's just Stuff. I have a lot of Stuff.

For those of you who don't know - we have to move out of the house we've had the privilege of renting for the last (almost 2 years) in mid-October. So, I'll be in between places of our own from then until December whatever (when we get to Kansas). To make things better for myself, I make lists.

The things that have complicated my decisions:

1. The seasons are changing - and it's going to be way colder there than it gets here.

2. I'm taking a big trip to Florida before we leave (but after our stuff gets packed up). GGFG, you're worth the chaos. I have to lug around... let's just say, a lot of books :)

3. I have to keep out the Christmas presents, cards, etc.

4. Erik's down there... I'm up here... I'm still working. :/

5. If I for whatever reason lost everything that was getting moved (due to mold, fire, whatever), what would I absolutely have to keep? My Awana books and journals instantly came to mind, but there are other things, like my antique plaque from my great-grandmother with the verse on it.

6. My office didn't quite get perfectly organized still... but it's getting better.

7. My bird, Jake, has to keep a routine.

8. We'll be house-less just long enough my travel size stuff won't be enough... but I'll need the travel sized stuff for FL and the trip to Kansas.

9. Thanksgiving. I'm going to have a hard time not having my kitchen around then.

Monday, September 23, 2013

You never know

If you never tell someone you need 20 books sponsored, they'll never know.
The books would have never been printed, not even shelved.
And 19 girls in a girls' home wouldn't have 19 books.
Who know who might be saved while reading the words of girls like them?

And if you never tell someone you $60, they'll never know.
If you don't have the $60, you can't afford to enter a book into a contest.
And if the book were to win, you'd increase your exposure by 200%.
It could happen, you know.

So I'm not too proud to ask.

And if you never tell someone you have a book, they certainly won't put it on their shelves.
They'll just sell the same old books they already are.
They've never heard of you or your webzine.
So if you're too scared to walk in, they'll never know.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Several Super Sad Things

I read this article -

First, the obvious sadness - that their parents died while their children were young, that the brother died so young, and now the woman died in this accident. Also, it is so bizarre that the latter two accidents' sites were not far apart - sad and strange.

What I also find sad... and this may just be the news article's lacking... is that these kids were not given much attention in the story. I wonder who they will stay with... I wonder if their mother's boyfriend mentioned, is their dad. Or if he is at least committed to them.

If he is the dad... I think it's sad that he was just the boyfriend, and not her husband - three kids and you can't commit? Or maybe this was a new relationship. Maybe something went wrong before. I'd hate to be this guy, though, because if he's got a conscience at all, he's going to be struggling about the accident that left three children motherless.

I also think it was sad... (I don't have kids but...) that this woman was out so late at night when she has three young kids. I can see going out with your guy for a great evening, but if you're out in the wee hours of the morning, what are you doing? Not much is open. If you're out til the sun's up, what energy are you going to give your kids the next day?

And practically - did they have an all night babysitter? Or did they dump the kids at a relative or friend's house so they could go party? She was 23... if she was going out all night regularly, she wasn't taking responsibility and putting herself aside for the routine that three small children require.

I can't imagine this story is completely uncommon - maybe not the tragic ending, but the choices that lead up to this kind of situation...

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Story - Sep 11, Three Years Ago

So I was not exactly in a good mood when I left to go to his house. I was frustrated about some things, and I didn't feel that great, so I had to go by the store to get some allergy medicine. I also picked up a McFlurry (snack size) for a dollar something. So I was sitting in my car out front of his house taking that medicine and finishing my ice cream when he came out to me and made some story up for why we couldn't go inside and we got in the truck.

The next thing I knew we were downtown and supposedly we could work on a project on the laptop; he'd brought it, but we ended up not even bringing out of the truck. Apparently I didn't care, because I didn't ask about that. So we walked for a while... and ended up on the bridge at Falls Park. We were standing there and he was teasing me because I'm scared to look straight down. He said he would stand behind me for thirty seconds and I was supposed to look straight down.

I said something like, "This just isn't doing anything for me, I just imagine people falling."
And I think he said something like, "Well how about this?"
And I turned around...

And he was down on one knee, will you marry me?

This can't be for real. It is... wow. Is this really happening? Tonight? Just a day, just an ordinary day...
He said something about "How's that for an adrenaline rush?"
I didn't know what to do with myself. I honestly couldn't think straight. I felt so light-headed!

I remember taking a step, apparently I said yes, taking another step...

Uh-oh, a little big...

"Quick, let's get off the bridge!"

We watched a wedding reception for a little while after that... too perfect :)