Friday, September 27, 2013

Lists. Lots of Lists.

More on moving - so, I made a lot of lists. There are lists of things to change or cancel. There are lists of things to take care of in each room, what to keep in each room, and things we can't take with us. Yes, that opened container of cookie dough is just going to have to get eaten in the next few days ;D

Things that I'm keeping with me:

1. Cleaning supplies. Last out, first in.
2. Also first needs: roll of toilet paper, paper towels, and a couple of hotel handsoaps.
3. My journals and irreplaceable books, GGFG stuff
4. Laptop and gadgets
5. Important papers
6. JAKE! and her seed and water and all
7. My spices
8. Some simple tools
9. Clothes for Fall and Winter (layers)
10. Peanut butter from Publix

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