Thursday, September 12, 2013

Several Super Sad Things

I read this article -

First, the obvious sadness - that their parents died while their children were young, that the brother died so young, and now the woman died in this accident. Also, it is so bizarre that the latter two accidents' sites were not far apart - sad and strange.

What I also find sad... and this may just be the news article's lacking... is that these kids were not given much attention in the story. I wonder who they will stay with... I wonder if their mother's boyfriend mentioned, is their dad. Or if he is at least committed to them.

If he is the dad... I think it's sad that he was just the boyfriend, and not her husband - three kids and you can't commit? Or maybe this was a new relationship. Maybe something went wrong before. I'd hate to be this guy, though, because if he's got a conscience at all, he's going to be struggling about the accident that left three children motherless.

I also think it was sad... (I don't have kids but...) that this woman was out so late at night when she has three young kids. I can see going out with your guy for a great evening, but if you're out in the wee hours of the morning, what are you doing? Not much is open. If you're out til the sun's up, what energy are you going to give your kids the next day?

And practically - did they have an all night babysitter? Or did they dump the kids at a relative or friend's house so they could go party? She was 23... if she was going out all night regularly, she wasn't taking responsibility and putting herself aside for the routine that three small children require.

I can't imagine this story is completely uncommon - maybe not the tragic ending, but the choices that lead up to this kind of situation...

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