Monday, September 23, 2013

You never know

If you never tell someone you need 20 books sponsored, they'll never know.
The books would have never been printed, not even shelved.
And 19 girls in a girls' home wouldn't have 19 books.
Who know who might be saved while reading the words of girls like them?

And if you never tell someone you $60, they'll never know.
If you don't have the $60, you can't afford to enter a book into a contest.
And if the book were to win, you'd increase your exposure by 200%.
It could happen, you know.

So I'm not too proud to ask.

And if you never tell someone you have a book, they certainly won't put it on their shelves.
They'll just sell the same old books they already are.
They've never heard of you or your webzine.
So if you're too scared to walk in, they'll never know.

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