Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Story - Sep 11, Three Years Ago

So I was not exactly in a good mood when I left to go to his house. I was frustrated about some things, and I didn't feel that great, so I had to go by the store to get some allergy medicine. I also picked up a McFlurry (snack size) for a dollar something. So I was sitting in my car out front of his house taking that medicine and finishing my ice cream when he came out to me and made some story up for why we couldn't go inside and we got in the truck.

The next thing I knew we were downtown and supposedly we could work on a project on the laptop; he'd brought it, but we ended up not even bringing out of the truck. Apparently I didn't care, because I didn't ask about that. So we walked for a while... and ended up on the bridge at Falls Park. We were standing there and he was teasing me because I'm scared to look straight down. He said he would stand behind me for thirty seconds and I was supposed to look straight down.

I said something like, "This just isn't doing anything for me, I just imagine people falling."
And I think he said something like, "Well how about this?"
And I turned around...

And he was down on one knee, will you marry me?

This can't be for real. It is... wow. Is this really happening? Tonight? Just a day, just an ordinary day...
He said something about "How's that for an adrenaline rush?"
I didn't know what to do with myself. I honestly couldn't think straight. I felt so light-headed!

I remember taking a step, apparently I said yes, taking another step...

Uh-oh, a little big...

"Quick, let's get off the bridge!"

We watched a wedding reception for a little while after that... too perfect :)

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