Saturday, May 28, 2016

So, there's actually not a lot out there that's really relevant to me about sorting an existing paper mess.

There's a lot out there about incoming mail sorting and such.

But the daunting task of going through quite possibly 20 years of papers?

And another thing I'm finding is not all of it is just papers in my office. There's a lot of office type stuff, craft stuff, and random things. I'm not throwing out my pretty fans that I can give V or decorate her room in, in just a few years. Or perfectly good crayons, paints, etc. Because I'll buy more if I throw that out.

Before I get too specific,  I must say that one thing I had to get into my head is that organization is an ongoing process; as needs change, and life changes, I have to adapt. Every house is going to be different. Every phase of family and childhood is different.

I organized the bottles, then she moved on to sippy cups, which didn't fit in the same space. I got her clothes organized,and she outgrew them AND the season is trying to change back and forth every 2 days.  Etc.

So, as I go, I realize there's a lot that may not stay exactly the same. But I have to start, and keep at it, to make it happen.