Thursday, September 26, 2013

Moving Stuff, it's just Stuff. I have a lot of Stuff.

For those of you who don't know - we have to move out of the house we've had the privilege of renting for the last (almost 2 years) in mid-October. So, I'll be in between places of our own from then until December whatever (when we get to Kansas). To make things better for myself, I make lists.

The things that have complicated my decisions:

1. The seasons are changing - and it's going to be way colder there than it gets here.

2. I'm taking a big trip to Florida before we leave (but after our stuff gets packed up). GGFG, you're worth the chaos. I have to lug around... let's just say, a lot of books :)

3. I have to keep out the Christmas presents, cards, etc.

4. Erik's down there... I'm up here... I'm still working. :/

5. If I for whatever reason lost everything that was getting moved (due to mold, fire, whatever), what would I absolutely have to keep? My Awana books and journals instantly came to mind, but there are other things, like my antique plaque from my great-grandmother with the verse on it.

6. My office didn't quite get perfectly organized still... but it's getting better.

7. My bird, Jake, has to keep a routine.

8. We'll be house-less just long enough my travel size stuff won't be enough... but I'll need the travel sized stuff for FL and the trip to Kansas.

9. Thanksgiving. I'm going to have a hard time not having my kitchen around then.

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