Saturday, July 26, 2014

I like irony.

I like my life of ironies.

As many pastors and friends have said, "There are no coincidences, just God showing Himself at work in the world." I find irony points me back to the Lord.

I remember reading the definition in my 10th grade literature class. I think I knew what irony was long before that, but I liked that video teacher a lot, and her explanation set my imagination on fire.

It makes a really good story, too - and I like having stories to tell or write. I like making people laugh who really don't expect me to be funny. I like the connection I feel when someone busts out laughing. My best friend Alex always makes me laugh that way, and laughs with me that way.

I can think of lots of examples - I loved coonhounds, but got dachshunds. I got told by my own beloved parakeet to "Go sit on the chair" for time out constantly. I got all A's my first semester of college at 16/17.  I ended up dating a guy I didn't even speak to in high school when he filmed me for my journalism class. I got my first kiss in the rain.  I married my first kiss. I stood up for a kid who was labelled a biter when I pretty much couldn't stand him for other reasons, and now he's my favorite kid I've ever watched. I took a chance despite my anxiety and reconnected with my beloved nephew. Major life events happen while Erik was away at times - like when I scored my favorite job of all time at Net3 Technology. When he finally called, I told him he could get cable - not that I got a job - and made him make the connection and laugh. There are so many more times...

Thank you, Lord, for irony.

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