Sunday, July 21, 2013


So, Kansas still doesn't feel real to me. We found out where we were going in December, and I've had quite some time to start thinking about things.

I've looked at houses for rent online and looked up surrounding areas to familiarize myself... I've made travel plans in my mind and looked up jobs (but I hope to stay part time with current one instead)... I've thought about Jake, and moving things, and packing things, and saying goodbye...

And I'm glad December is really far away right now.

This will start my new life of moving around, not knowing where the Army will take us, not knowing what church we'll be at, not knowing how exactly I'll be spending the time God has given me here on Earth, but then, who knows these things? Yes, I may move more than the average person, I may change churches and jobs and other things more... but I'm just as subject to God's calling as any of you. :)

Who knows where any of us will be in 10 years!

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