Friday, July 26, 2013

Every 4 minutes...

I get an email in the GGFG inbox every 4 minutes some afternoons. These are emails from real people, and most of my responses are better handled from my computer than my phone (meaning they are long, deep, require files to be attached, or complicated because I want to answer using multiple previous emails).

That's pretty full time...
And there's NOTHING more than I'd love than to be full time manager of GGFG.

But for now, I'm full time administrative assistant at Net3 while still doing a big chunk of the work of running GGFG (thank you Megan H. and Rebecca U.! I couldn't do it without ya'll!) and once again, starting in August, I'll be running the house solo again. No Awana this year... no secondary jobs or regular sitter jobs. But I will be getting things ready to move, and saying goodbye to friends. And then I'll be cooking and seeing Erik most weekends!

I am extremely thankful for this season, and will be okay with wearing myself out if it means I can help more girls grow closer to God and even come to know God in the first place.

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