Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Games You Played for the Past X Years

You can say you want something, but if you don't use the resources and opportunities given to you, you don't want it that badly.

For example, you've asked questions about things you could look up online - it makes me think you just want someone to hand you everything. Even when people have given you money, physical resources, and tried to help you, you haven't used them well. If you really wanted better... I know you have a phone, and you're on Facebook. Even if you didn't have a phone, you are around people that do. You are just fishing, and you're doing it with someone who tried to offer you a lot already. Just stop.

You can say you weren't given what you needed, but if you never even looked into anything, researched anything, or tried to help yourself, don't expect others to hand everything to you. You were given many chances to accomplish things, to finish things, to make the right choice.

I'm not fooled. If you wanted it badly enough, you'd finish those things now. When I left home, I wasn't exactly putting myself in an easy position, but I did all the work to get where I am. I could have never finished the things I started, but I finished all of them. I could have "just gotten by," but I did even more than that. And as stubborn as you are, if you wanted better, you'd have it.

I offered you help a few times, too. But you want things that aren't good for you, and I'll have no allegiance with you.

You can say you don't like your life right now, but if you make no move to change, you won't get any results. You have to work hard to get good things. You have to take pride in yourself, in doing a good job - you have to care enough about doing the right thing that you choose it when it's hard. Until you choose to do more than what you feel at the moment is "what you want," and actually apply yourself to a goal, you're getting nowhere. So stop asking for things you've already turned down.

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