Monday, July 29, 2013

Jeans are Better

You and me on the back porch,
you told me it was okay to like jeans better,
we played soccer and caught lizards,
went to church and talked about it for hours.

You gave me my taste in books.
Westerns and childhood tales stirred my heart,
showed me the beauty of another life,
and I wrote myself in as the ever companion.
But what I remember more, were the dreams...

Where did your dreams go?

I was confused when you shut me out.
I didn't know how to get back in.
You gave me a choice and I thought I did the right thing,
but did it hurt you more than everyone else?

I held my dreams, and my hurt healed...

But I didn't have the ability to hold up yours with you, for you.
I still pray for you, childhood friend.

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