Thursday, July 11, 2013

An Old Box of Papers - Part 1

One morning I woke up and found an email in my inbox for GGFG. I had been interviewing a girl for a writing position with the magazine, and she had suddenly cut off correspondence in the middle of it. I was hopeful to hear that she was ready to begin, and had just been on a vacation or something.

Instead, she stated bluntly that she was no longer a Christian and would not be writing for the magazine.

I can't seem to get over that email.

Well, this afternoon, I started to pray about it again. And then I started going through an old box of papers.

Did I mention I love "random," and I love "coincidences"!?
What I found was the original meeting planning notes for GGFG. We were to determine the following:

* the magazine's Title
* Cost
* everyones' positions
* our first two topics
* how often the magazine should be published
* who would handle the letters if we got any
* how many pages it should be
* how many topics per magazine
* decide whether we have only girls for writers & focus (there was a guy wanting to write as I recall)
* what age group we were targeting

This was before we even decided to do it online; we were producing physical magazines.

I propsed that positions would include:
* Treasurer
* Editor
* Article writers
* Format designer
* Letter handler

And I wanted the first issue to be about "Conquering Life," whatever that meant to a 15 or 16 year old... however old I was.

Anyhow, this all thoroughly encouraged me, and gave me hope.

Perhaps this quote is right - "Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous."
(Albert Einstein)

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