Thursday, August 1, 2013

They say... I say... I wonder what God says...

Original Poste: Monday, January 12, 2009
They say I do it for attention.
They say I never get enough.
They say I can't handle what I have, that I don't manage what comes my way.
I say they don't look deep enough.

They say I don't know what love is.
They say I am immature.
They say I need to toughen up, straighten out, control myself.
I say they don't see what I've done.

They don't know who I am under pressure, because they don't see what works against me.
They are in the middle of the same stuff either I've dealt with or am dealing with, but they aren't choosing the same path I have, and the difference makes them angry.

I wish the difference would make them hungry, but I'm not good enough. I wish the difference would point to Jesus, but I make too many mistakes. I wish I could shake them, say, wake up!
And sometimes, I get it - for some of them, I never could be enough. I'm not even sure I'm sorry for that...

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