Friday, August 23, 2013

Germany and Egypt

Germany and Egypt
By Hillary Beth Miller

Tumbling, pouncing, scratching,
Biting, yipping, yapping, barking, flapping
Go the puppies round-and-round.
Running, jumping, hopping,
Creeping they come.

Messes, toys, shredded newspapers,
Bitemarks, clawmarks, scratchmarks,
And puddles with piles left behind
Are all puppy trademarks.

Splashing, wet, soapy,
Cold and scared at bath time;
Warm, clean, fuzzy after.

Scared and shivery, whiny,
And stressed at the vet,
The puppies are so changing!

Sleepy, quiet, still,
No messes, dirty but lovable,
Sweet and silent,
Cuddling, huddling,
They lie in some warm arms.
Cozy, resting, warm and sweet
They sleep.

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