Friday, August 9, 2013

GGFG used in school papers

January 2008
This was definitely for a class... probably speech class, where I met Makenly Bennett, and we endured the old, deaf, South African "pastor" who was an absolute nut... So, how many hits does your blog / website get? We topped off at 150 hits a day for GGFG last year. Would love to get back to that with the new site!
This past October Yahoo’s network of websites was estimated as having over 3.4 million hits a day. A hit registers anytime a user arrives at a page of a website. A few large personal websites discussing very controversial issues or extremely popular topics may receive as many as 100,000 hits a day. As a small personal website, my own website, Godly Girls For God, has about 30,000 hits a year, or roughly 85 a day. Still, literally millions of personal sites obtain less than 3 hits within their first month, and so are usually abandoned.  In order to get a personal website notice, it’s necessary to list with directories and engines, keep a professional tone, and offer just enough features to keep guests coming back without overwhelming them.
First of all, you can list with directories and search engines. One widely used directory is Dmoz. If you submit a sufficient amount of info you should see your link added within a couple days. Also, sites that host personal websites, such as Freewebs, often have their own directory, so it would be wise to check your host and get listed if possible; that is an easy way to connect with other like-minded people. Then you will need to set your key words and phrases to match commonly run searches for your type of site. For example, I experimented and found I received many hits from people searching the words, “devotionals for girls” “inspiring stories” and “godly girls”. So I added those to my list of key words  to be associated with my website. When I registered with search engines such as Google, I used this list of key words to ensure my website was among the top results for these searches.

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