Saturday, August 3, 2013

I'm not the little girl

Original Post:  Saturday July 25 2009

I came to a point...

I'm not the little girl that you found in the classroom. I'm not afraid to speak because I know I have Truth in my heart. I'm not the coward you first met, gripped by fear of prettymuch everything existing and things that weren't even there.

I'm not the little girl you saw going about forgetting how to smile. I've remembered that Christ is my joy and I am content in the day to day because of it. I can survive anything thrown at me - I already knew that - but I can do it confidently. Confident in Christ my King - that's who I've become.

I'm not the little girl who doesn't know how to react. I've had a lot of experiences and now I know how to show it better.

I'm not the little girl too weak to take care of herself. I have found strength I never knew how to use.

I'm not the little girl afraid to be known, or touched... I'm not in my own little world just hoping someone thinks I'm worth breaking in for... I know who I am, and how much I'm worth in God's eyes.

And I know how I got here.

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