Friday, February 7, 2014

For Your Military Family Friends

There are things that you can do to make your friends' lives so much better when they leave to go to their first duty station. My friends knew just what to do, and you will too, if you give it some thought! Everyone is different, but I'll give you some ideas from my life.

1. I wasn't excited about moving to Kansas until Rebecca gave me a book about Kansas oddities to visit and a road map. I laughed at the first things I read in that book and was much more curious thanks to "Kansas Curiosities."

Thoughtful and useful!

2. Cold weather gear. A coworker gave me a coat, and I use it all the time! She barely even knew me, but she was not using it and I was super thankful for the new coat.

My dear friend Amy gave me gloves and lotion shortly before I left!

My GrandMaMa sent me a little something and told me to get long johns. That note made me laugh.

And the other GGFG staff member, Megan, made me a scarf! (And a potholder!)

These are gifts that made the transition easier, because they were things I needed a lot! They also comfort me.


3. Thoughtful award! Ms. Cheryl took the time to make me something I will have everywhere I go on my front door - she made me a Christmas wreath. Holidays can be hard to deal with because of missing people, and being able to decorate my new home with something that welcomes new people in, made by someone who cares so much, was really nice.


4. Something I'll never forget is when Kaeyla sent me what was supposed to be an anonymous  Starbucks gift card - I figured it out, but I felt so blessed that day!

5. When I got to Kansas, my house was warmed by a very surprising delivery of my first house plant! Thank you Rebecca, Amy, and Alyssa!

6. Mrs. Kilby gave me something to remember the South by - a cute little tea towel with a saying on it. I enjoyed the thought of having something from SC to show off to my Kansas friends!

7. Letters - there's nothing like getting a note in the mail! I really cherish every note. It was cool to get all of my Christmas cards out here, as well!

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