Monday, June 24, 2013

Title Explained

A lot of people live under the shadow of their circumstances. Their families are crazy, their jobs are crazy, their personal choices are crazy... their friends are a mess, their school is a mess, their dog is a mess... their church is full of hypocrites, their schedule is full of nonsense, their bank accounts are billed to just a few cents... and they don't take responsibility for any of it. There's always someone to blame.

Sometimes I used to fall victim to this, too. Maybe I still do, sometimes. I'm not excusing anyone else (because others' actions do affect me) or claiming I'm surround by ideal circumstances. No, my circumstances have merely added to who I choose to be, who I've grown to be, and who I'm becoming in Christ. You can't really live until you take responsibility for yourself, and stop playing the victim, even when there's things you really can't change that affect you negatively.

I hope that explains the title of this blog.
In what ways do people choose to live in the shadow of their circumstances? How does God change that?
I'm willing to share a little of my journey here... I hope you feel free to comment about yours!

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